The people behind AinoAid™

We're here to shed light on your situation and guide you towards the best possible steps. In a world where the right services can feel like a scattered puzzle, we're here to help you find the missing pieces and put them together. AinoAid™ offers an anonymous chat option so you can open up without fearing judgment, and you can browse the Knowledge base for important resources. And hey, professionals, you're not forgotten either; AinoAid™ is here to support you, too!

It all starts with understanding the users of the service

Each of us is as distinct as a fingerprint, just like our close relationships. There are times when something feels off-kilter in our connections, but identifying the exact issue can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. You might feel a bit lost, questioning yourself and your emotions.

And guess what? Even the pros, those guiding others through life's twists and turns, can sometimes find themselves adrift, uncertain of what to say or do. It's all part of the human experience!

We understand the importance of understanding the potential users, and that's why we are honoured to have had the opportunity to interview and gain insights from survivors to learn what kind of help to provide. In addition, we have had a fantastic pool of people from all over the world in our team since the ideation phase to take our mission forward; we are ever grateful for them and their input!

Professional expertise from various fields is needed

Because of the nature of the issue we are dealing with, we value the professional expertise needed from a wide range of professionals to develop our services. We are privileged to be part of the EU-wide IMPROVE consortium of professionals and researchers from the police to the social and welfare sectors.

Meet the dynamic team behind the AinoAid™ services

There are real people behind the services, ready to listen, understand and offer solutions for your unique situation. Hyvinpitely Oy's therapists, Ellimari and Katja, are the driving force behind AinoAid™'s content; their expertise is the secret sauce that makes it all happen. They have a wealth of experience helping individuals affected by domestic violence; they work with violence experiencers, perpetrators and the entire family.

In addition, the team has another two power ladies, Anna and Ulla. Anna is responsible for all the magic that happens in the day-to-day practicalities of the AinoAid™ services, and Ulla, with her long and wide experiences in technology and ecosystems, ensures that the mission is moving towards the right direction.

Elli, Head of marketing

Ellimari Kortman has been working in the social and healthcare field for nearly 20 years, mostly with people who have encountered DV, creating and developing services for victims and perpetrators. She also has almost 20 years of experience as a freelance promoter. Elli is also creating content for the services.

Ulla, Head of ecosystem partnerships

Ulla Koivukoski boasts 40 years of extensive international experience in building cross-organizational, collaborative teams to turn around cultures and business results, mainly in the services and technology fields. Ulla has created or contributed to a few ‘industry-first’ -initiatives for customer-centric service and technology development or industry standards. Ulla’s recent activities include being an advisor to start-ups who are aiming to improve societal inequalities to make life better for under-served people.

Katja, Lead for content

Katja Kytölä is a solution-focused therapist and an expert in working against domestic violence. Katja's background is in financial administration for ten years and in early childhood education. Since 2014, Katja has worked in services which help domestic violence victims - adults, children, peer groups and also perpetrators. Katja has written and published a book on domestic violence after studying domestic violence from different aspects. As a part of We Encourage, Katja's responsibility is the AinoAid™ service's content.

Anna, the CEO

Anna Juusela has an entrepreneurial background with 10+ years of experience in the retail sector as a teacher and consultant in the field of trends, profitability, and marketing. Her vision and determination to prevent violence and empower women led her to establish the startup We Encourage.

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