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  • Good chat, important things. I have been in therapy for years, but these issues I found in the chat have never been said out loud nor asked.
  • It's really good that it was explained what violence is. Emotional comments are comforting, and then I got the feeling that there is a "real person" responding and asking, not the chat robot.
  • Many thanks for clarifying that situations I used to find "normal behaviour" are actually types of violence! This was definitely an eye-opener to realize I am being psychologically abused.
  • Functional and really authentic chat! Clear and thought-provoking questions.
  • The bot was very good, in my opinion! I got more information; I hadn’t known about economic violence before, for example.
  • I think Aino bot was very good!
  • Thanks for this tool. It's really helpful.
  • Thank you Aino.❤️ I got a feeling that I received understanding, support and confirmation.
  • This Aino is really well done; somehow, now I understand that maybe not all things are my fault in our relationship...
  • Aino seems to be really good; its information is extensive and good.
  • For the first time, I started to understand what kind of situation I have been in, and it really hasn’t been right towards me.
  • I am very happy because I have learned so many things; this will help us to get rid of sexual harassment in our families and each other's relationships; thank you very much. 🤗🙏
  • Very nice initiative. It should be promoted more for women in need. More visibility against abuse is needed because many people only think about talking to someone when there's physical abuse.
  • Thank you. I needed support, and it feels good that help is available if I want it.
  • Thank you for this helpline. I cannot talk about this with anyone, so it’s kind of a relief to me.
  • I received good information, and my own situation was understood and clarified.
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