Shelter contacts

You may go to a shelter if you have experienced violence in your close relationship or your family. The violence does not need to be physical. Also, a threat of violence can be a reason to go to a shelter.

Shelters provide advice, support and counselling. The shelters are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The shelters are intended for people of all ages and of any gender. Staying at a shelter is free of charge. You are free to go to any shelter without needing any referrals. If necessary, you can go to a shelter without telling your name.

If you are concerned about your situation, call the shelter closest to you or the Nollalinja helpline 080 005 005. Nollalinja assists in different situations related to domestic violence and provides information on shelters.

Up-to-date information on each shelter can be obtained by contacting the shelter. The contact details of shelters are on Nollalinja's website. You can also call Nollalinja at 080 005 005 to ask about shelters.

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