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For those feeling the need to talk about their experiences and get support

Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you trying to understand what is going on? Do you doubt yourself and your experiences? Do you feel that something is not right? Are you afraid? Do you possibly even feel shame? You don't need to figure it out on your own. There are professionals who can help you. Don't hesitate to tell about your worries.

Nollalinja 080 005 005

Nollalinja is a nationwide free-of-charge helpline that assists in different situations related to domestic violence and provides information on shelters.

Nollalinja is for anyone who has experienced violence or a threat of violence in a close relationship. Also, perpetrators can call to Nollalinja. In addition, close ones of those who have experienced violence and professionals can call Nollalinja. Your call to Nollalinja will not show up on your phone bill, and you can stay anonymous. Nollalinja's website also has a chat service.

Nollalinja is staffed by trained and experienced health and social services professionals who listen to, support, and advise you around the clock every day of the year.

In Nollalinja, you can talk about your situation, experiences and fears and ask about shelters. Professionals are bound by confidentiality. You do not have to give your name; the professional you talk to will not see your phone number.

You can speak to professionals in Finnish, Swedish or English. Nollalinja's telephone service also helps 24/7 through an interpretation service in eight different languages: Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Spanish, Somali, Sorani, Thai and Russian.

Nollalinja helpline (toll free)

080 005 005

Available 24/7

Nollalinja's chat service

Monday - Wednesday 9 to 15

Thursday - Friday 14 to 20

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Online shelter

Online Shelter is an online service maintained by the Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters. The service helps all parties involved in violent relationships – victims, perpetrators, those exposed to violence and the people close to them, including children and young people who have been witnesses or victims of violence – by offering them information and support in the form of conversations (in Finnish), as well as stories about domestic violence and intimate partner violence and how to pull through. Nettiturvakoti offers an Apua väkivaltaan (Help with violence) chat on the website. The Apua väkivaltaan chat is available in Finnish on weekdays from 12 to 18. You can talk to professionals anonymously.

Apua väkivaltaan (Help with violence) chat

on weekdays from 12 to 18

You can chat anonymously in Finnish.

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For those doubting they might need support with their behaviour

Do you have a hard time controlling yourself and your anger? Do you feel you have a repetitive behavioural pattern you cannot change? Are you afraid you might hurt your loved one? Getting help can seem challenging. You may feel ashamed. You are not alone; professionals provide help and support for perpetrators who want to get help with their problems. Getting help is a brave thing to do.

Lyömätön Linja Espoossa ry

Lyömätön Linja Espossa ry offers help and support mainly to men living in Western Uusimaa who have used or are afraid of using violence in their intimate relationships. The Lyömätön Linja Espoossa ry offers individual and peer group support to users of violence, as well as to those who have experienced it. Organized in cooperation with other service providers, couple meetings may also be possible.

Lyömätön Linja Espoossa ry

09 276 6280

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Miehen Linja (for men)

Miehen Linja (provided by Lyömätön Linja Espossa ry) offers help and support mainly to men who have used or are afraid of using violence in their intimate relationships. Services are available in Finnish, English, French and Greek, and other languages are offered via an interpreter.

Miehen Linja (for immigrants)
09 276 628 99

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Miessakit ry Lyömätön Linja (for men)

Miessakit ry:n Lyömätön Linja offers support and help to men who have used, or are afraid of using, mental or physical violence towards their spouse, dating partner, child or other loved ones. Lyömätön Linja works with individuals, couples and peer groups. Miessakit ry also offers several other services for men, e.g. parenting, experiences of violence and divorce related support.


Capital region

044 751 1334

Kuopio area

044 783 7923

In addition to the offices in the capital region and Kuopio, support is available nationwide by phone and online.

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Maria Akatemia (for women)

Maria Akatemia specialises in the recognition and treatment of women’s inner ill-being and the prevention of violence by women. Maria Akatemia's helpline Open Line (Avoin linja) and Naisenväkivalta chat are for women who use or are afraid that they might use violence.

Open Line
09 7562 2260

Fridays at 12-14

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Naisenväkivalta chat

Tuesdays 10 - 12 and 15 - 17
Wednesdays 12 - 14
Thursdays 10 - 12 and 14 - 16

Fridays 10 - 12

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Help for physical and mental health

Discussion support and guidance in cases of sudden health issues, in cases of rape and mental health issues. In case of an emergency, call 112.

Tukinainen for victims of rape 0800 97899

Tukinainen is a national victim support centre that provides support and guidance for people who have been sexually assaulted or abused and for their families. In addition, it provides cooperation, consultation, and training for professionals, authorities, organisations, and educational institutions in various fields.

Tukinainen Crisis Helpline (toll free)

0800 97899
Monday – Thursday 9- 15
Fridays Closed
Saturday – Sunday 15 - 21

Tukinainen Legal Helpline (toll free)

0800 97895

Monday - Thursday 11 - 16

Fridays Closed

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MIELI ry Mental health helpline 09 2525 0116

MIELI Mental Health Finland offers mental health support to people in difficult life situations and crises. You can discuss your thoughts, feelings, and situation with a crisis worker or trained volunteer.

The call cost is the basic fee of the telephone subscription, but the counselling is cost-free and anonymous if needed.

MIELI ry Crisis helpline:

09 2525 0116

Fridays 9 - 13

The helpline in Finnish is open 24/7 at number 09 2525 0111

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Medical Helpline for sudden health problems 116117

In a life-threatening emergency, e.g. severe chest pain, difficulty breathing, unconsciousness, symptoms of paralysis or sudden convulsions, call 112.

Medical Helpline (Päivystysapu) 116117 is a free-of-charge counselling service organized by your welfare district that advises on sudden health problems. Call Medical Helpline 116117 before applying to the emergency room.

The Medical Helpline healthcare professionals will tell you whether your situation requires a visit to the emergency room. You can get reliable self-care instructions if self-care is enough for your situation. The service is available throughout Finland, except for Lapland and Åland.

Medical Helpline (toll free)


Available 24/7

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Other support

There are different situations and turning points in life that can seem challenging. Help is available.

Financial and debt councelling

You can get help with your finances through financial and debt counselling services. Whether you're facing money troubles or just want advice on budgeting and spending, these services offer support for various financial concerns. They can also assist in applying for restructuring loans or debt adjustments. You can reach out to them, even if your debt is minimal or non-existent.

Financial and debt counsellors can guide you in managing your financial situation, comparing solutions, and establishing payment agreements. State legal aid offices provide these services free of charge, ensuring confidential and non-disclosure-bound assistance.

Financial and debt counselling chat

Wednes­days at 10 – 12 (in English)

Mon­day to Fri­day at 10 – 12 (in Finnish)

Thurs­days at 14 – 16 (in Finnish) Financial and debt counsellingexternal link icon

Support for Victims of Religions 0400 466 990

Support for Victims of Religions (also known as UUT by its acronym in Finnish) is an organization which provides support for people who have faced various kinds of problems and abuses in religious groups. In their volunteer work at UUT, they have met victims of religious abuse from different religious backgrounds.

You can call their helpline if you want to discuss your experiences anonymously and confidentially. Helpline volunteers are trained by their association and have personal experiences in religious communities.

Support for Victims of Religions Helpline

0400 466 990

Tuesdays from 18 - 20

Thursdays and Saturdays from 13 - 15.

Support in English, Swedish, and German contact:

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Apua eroon online service for separation/divorce

Apua eroon is an online service provided by the Ensi- ja Turvakotien Liitto. The website offers support for families going through separation or divorce.

The website has also a chat where you can talk about:

  • about the contradictions in the relationship and considering the divorce
  • the ending of the relationship
  • coping with divorce
  • of post-divorce parenting
  • about themes related to the child's status and consideration
  • services and practices related to divorce, parenting and children

The use of the chat does not require registration, and the conversation takes place anonymously and one-on-one with the person on duty.

Apua eroon Chat
Monday 9 - 10 and 12 -18
Tuesday - Friday 12 - 18
Wednesday 9 - 10
Saturday 14 - 17

Apua eroon Theme chats

on Tuesdays from 18-19.

In the theme chats, you can ask questions about international custody disputes, the differences between two cultures, child abduction and its threat. The theme chats are implemented in cooperation with the Kidnapped Children's Association.

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Forced marriage and human trafficking is a focal website that brings together information about human trafficking and anti-trafficking activities in Finland. It also offers support and guidance on matters of forced marriage.

The website is maintained by the National Assistance System for Victims of Human Trafficking. You can contact them anonymously.

The call cost is the basic fee of the telephone subscription

Ihmiskauppa Helpline

02 954 63 177

Open 24/7

Ihmiskauppa.fiexternal link icon

RIKU's (Victim Support Finland) special support services for victims of human trafficking offer free help with all questions related to human trafficking. For more information: RIKU A victim of human trafficking can be anyone of us.

RIKU's Special support services for victims of human trafficking

040 632 9293

also by SMS or WhatsApp

Monday - Friday at 13 – 16

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