Emergency number and guidance

There is only one emergency number in Finland, 112. Trained ERC operators answer emergency calls in six emergency response centres in mainland Finland. Calls are answered with the words “Hätäkeskus - Nödcentralen”.

ERC operators in Finland are legally obligated to answer calls in Finnish and Swedish. If an operator does not speak Swedish or English, they can transfer the call to another operator or an interpreter, in which case the caller may be put on hold briefly.

Visit the 112 website for more information. It is recommended that you download the 112 app.

When to call 112?

112 is available 24/7.

If you have an emergency and need urgent assistance from the authorities (police, paramedics, firefighters).

If you know or suspect that somebody’s life, health or property is under threat or in danger.

Emergency guidance for calling 112

This is how you make an emergency report:

1. Call 112 yourself if you can.
2. Tell what happened.
3. Tell the exact address and city.
4. Answer the questions.
5. If you are calling help for someone you are helping, turn on the speaker on your phone and continue helping.
6. Act according to the given instructions.
7. End the call only after receiving permission.
8. Guide additional help to the location.

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