Crime victim support and Legal aid

We understand that crime and legal matters can be complex and daunting, but you don't have to face them alone. On this page, you'll find contacts for organisations and professionals providing support for time and for legal aid who are ready to help you navigate the legal landscape.

Victim Support Finland RIKU

Victim Support Finland (RIKU) aims to improve the position of victims of crime, their close ones, and witnesses in criminal cases, e.g., by producing low-threshold support and guidance services free of charge. It offers victims of crime various support, e.g., a support person and the possibility of talking to someone who understands what it means to become a victim of crime. You can call the helpline anonymously.

RIKU Victim Support helpline (toll free)

116 006
Monday - Friday 9 - 20 (in Finnish)
Monday - Friday 12 – 14 (in Swedish)

RIKU Victim Support Chat

Monday - Friday 9 - 15
Monday evenings from 17-19.

RIKU Legal aid helpline (toll free)

0800 161 177

Monday - Thursday 17 - 19

If you want to contact RIKU's services in English, use their contact request form.

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Legal Aid Offices

The state has legal aid offices to provide legal aid. In them, legal aid is provided by public legal assistants. The lawyers of the legal aid offices provide legal advice over the phone in matters applicable to it. For telephone counseling, an appointment is made at the Legal Aid Office.

Legal aid in court cases is provided not only by public legal assistants, but also by lawyers and licensed legal assistants. In other matters, legal aid is basically provided by public legal assistants.

You can apply for legal aid at any legal aid office, regardless of where you live. Using the services of the nearest office is the most practical choice. Based on the information you provide in the legal aid application, the office decides whether you will be granted legal aid.

In criminal proceedings, the defendant is provided with state funds in certain situations, regardless of his economic status.

Regardless of their income, victims of serious violent crimes and sexual crimes can get a court assistant paid for with state funds.

You can contact the legal aid office by phone, email or by visiting the office. You can book an appointment or ask for advice at the local office Mon-Fri from 8 - 16.15. Contact details: List of Legal Aid offices.

Legal Aid chat

In Legal Aid's national chat service on their website, you can get general advice and guidance.

Monday - Friday 10 - 12 (in Finnish)
Wednesdays 10 - 12 (in English)
Fridays 10 - 12 (in Swedish)

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