What is AinoAid™ chatbot?

AinoAid™ is a chatbot which can handle various tasks like answering questions, giving recommendations, offering support, and having engaging human-like conversations with users. It's designed to understand and respond to your questions and commands in a natural and helpful way.

The creators of AinoAid™ have worked closely with domestic violence professionals and survivors to ensure it can provide the support you need.

What technology AinoAid™ chatbot uses?

AinoAid™ is a chatbot that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to have human-like conversations with users.

Using AI, ML and NLP, AinoAid™ can handle various tasks such as answering questions, making recommendations, providing support and having conversations. It uses NLP to understand the meaning of what you say, including the context, so it can give you as accurate and relevant answers as possible.

How does AinoAid™ chabot learn?

AinoAid™ learns from interacting with users to understand and respond better over time. For this reason, we ask for permission to use conversation data.

You can use AinoAid™ anonymously because we do not need your personal data for the training. We always encourage users not to share personal information about themselves or others.

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