About AinoAid™

AinoAid™ is a conversational chatbot and information bank trained to serve those who want to discuss challenges in their relationships or know about domestic violence. AinoAid™ also works as a support for professionals for better customer interaction and service.

Our service includes a chatbot, which is like a helpful friend you can chat with. You can ask questions, get advice, and have interesting conversations. The chatbot is smart and gets better over time as it talks to you. If you don't want to chat, no worries! In the information on the website, you will find useful and valuable resources that serve individuals and professionals.

We've ensured that AinoAid™ provides the right help by working with experts and survivors. We use some conversations to train the chatbot and to develop the knowledge in the website but don't worry, it doesn't need your personal information, and you can use it without sharing any details about yourself, completely anonymously.

These services have been created for your convenience. Your safety is always a priority, and we encourage you to seek comprehensive support from professionals.

For close ones and friends
Our commitment doesn't stop with individuals directly affected. We recognise that friends and family members often worry about their loved ones. If you fit into this category, we offer guidance on how you can support your loved one during difficult times, minimising interference and fostering constructive assistance.

You can start by chatting with the AinoAid™ bot and/or learning about the topic by browsing the website.
For professionals
For professionals, we're a bridge connecting you to individuals in need, offering a solution-oriented approach. We provide a platform to extend your expertise to support and guide those in need.

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Our approach is deeply rooted in forging close relationships

Welcome to a new era of understanding, support and change! Our goal is to improve the quality of relationships between people, be they personal, family or professional. Our mission is to promote healthy connections and focus on violence prevention and aftercare by contributing positively to the lives of those affected by violence. By providing tools to build meaningful connections, we empower you to create a safer and more compassionate world.

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